My Seven Chakras With AJ

Inspiring, educational and refreshing!

AJ is wondering in bringing together leaders and wisdom thinkers and sharing their stories in this Podscast.

I started listening this summer (2017) and I was hooked from the first show I heard. Listening and being part of the Action Tribe (Facebook) has brought me back to the community I had daily while studying to be a Yoga Teacher is 2014. While I was aware and encouraged the Chakras in my daily life, the guests and their teachings have taken my education to the next level.

AJ's interview style is perfect. While engaging his guest, he also brings back their main contact for the audience.

This is the perfect podcast for everyone wanting to be part of the community, to those who wish to learn about the Chakras (no matter where you start from) to individuals just beginning their spiritual journey.


Dec. 24, 2017 by Rita & Kharma on Apple Podcasts

My Seven Chakras With AJ