Life-Changing Energy Mentorship With Experienced Shamans, Healers, Yogis and Teachers
Life-Changing Energy Mentorship With Experienced Shamans, Healers, Yogis and Teachers
Your destination to learn how to master your energy and experience more healing, awakening and abundance on a daily basis!
Action Tribe - Energy Circle is a monthly subscription program where our members receive transformational energy training from shamans, healers, yogis, reiki masters and intuitives. 

Our goal is to help you release your negative energies, experience more balance, connect with your inner essence and align with your divine purpose. 
Are you part of our global podcast community - Action Tribe?
Are you part of our global podcast community - Action Tribe?
  • ​3.7 million downloads
  • 150+ Countries
  • ​350+ Podcast episodes
  • ​3.2 million downloads
  • 150+ Countries
  • ​350+ Podcast episodes
How Our Program Works
  • - Every month, you'll receive a brand new deep dive masterclass training that will help you master an aspect of Energy, which could be healing, awakening or abundance.
  • - Our teachers will also give you an assignment worksheet PDF that will help you apply and embody the wisdom for long lasting impact..
  • - Towards the end of the month, you'll also get to attend a live Q&A meeting with our teacher of the month to pose questions and enhance your level of understanding, leading to energy mastery! 
Featured Masterclasses
  • The Root Chakra: Your Key to an Abundant And Prosperous Life
  • Unlock and Manifest your True Purpose Using Shamanic Techniques
  • Awakening, Honing And Mastering Your Intuition 
  • Whole Mind Integration: Awakening Your Body's Mind Centers To Make Better Life Decisions
  • Yoga 8: A Deep Dive Into The Principles Of Yoga Practice (Both And Off The Mat) 
  • And more...

Currently Playing: Awakening, Honing And Mastering Your Intuition With Dr. Lauren Cielo!

Learn from teachers of the Human Revolution Council
Our mentors are healers, shamans, intuitives, yogis and meditation teachers who've spends years mastering their abilities and skills in their respective sub-field of energy mastery..

They've been handpicked to ensure that they're not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also caring, kind and compassionate, leading to an incredibly fun, rewarding and exciting learning environment. 

Some of our mentors have voluntarily kept away from the limelight and dazzle to ensure that only the most earnest and sincere students come their way :) 

This is the school of mysticism that you've secretly being yearning to be part of, but didn't know how to begin or where to look for..

Your Host 
Aditya Jaykumar Iyer (AJ)
Aditya Jaykumar Iyer is the host and founder of My Seven Chakras, a podcast that has received over 3.2 million downloads from listeners in over 150 countries. 

Through interviews, courses and mentorship programs, AJ's goal is to help people activate their dormant hidden abilities and master their energies to experience more healing, more awakening and more abundance! 

Over the years, AJ has interview numerous experienced healers, shamans, teachers,  entrepreneurs, visionaries and intuitives who've generously shared their journeys (and their struggles) for others to benefit from. 

Over the last 4 years, AJ has also created a global movement called Action Tribe, comprised of people who believe in the exponential power of taking small, consistent steps towards a total transformation! 
What people are saying about the Action Tribe! 

“This was such a powerful experience 
and I absolutely loved making a money alter. 
When I woke up the next morning, 
I had open orders on my Etsy store!!! 
How do I properly thank the alter and 
keep the financial abundance flowing?
Thank you so so much!!!! "

Tara, USA

"Thanks so much for the class! I have really been inspired to learn and find more inspiration towards my different chakras. I feel like the root is a very important place to begin with since that is the place we ground ourselves.."

Natasha B, USA

“I love AJ and his podcasts. It’s my first experience listening to podcasts and I am hooked. He is one of my favorites. I learn so much from him and you can feel his high vibration of love and compassion for his tribe. He has wonderful guests and always wants to hear what we want. Grateful for all he is doing and always can’t wait to hear more of his wisdom always for the greatest good of all."
California, USA
"Hi, AJ. Thank you for your podcast and for helping others. I have been listening to your podcast and really enjoy your peaceful nature and calmness. You can tell you are on a mission to really help people where they are with daily habits of healing. I like how you too are a student of life and taking us with you along your journey. I am studying energy psychology now after a personal journey with EFT. I am excited to “travel” along the Energy Circle journey too. Thank you for offering this" 

Edie Gardner

"I religiously listen to this podcast while I paint, especially when I am feeling anxious. It helps ground me to the present moment and I really start to flow with my art work. It has made shifts to my mindset which transfer to my lifestyle because it helps me get to know myself, my beliefs, what I love, what I fear, what is and isn’t important to me. It puts me in a habitual state of gratitude which is extremely transformative and fulfilling in all areas of life. Proud to be apart of the action tribe! Thank you AJ"

Kennady  J

"I love this podcast, everything I learn I am able to pass on to others. I have grown with the show in just a short time of 4 months. I love the podcasts host, he is so calming and he is such a kind spirit. I love the guests that come on. I learn so much about my own abilities as a psychic medium and more! Highly recommend! Join the action tribe! "

"I've been a fan of My Seven Chakras for the past few years and have recently become a member of the Action Tribe. I consider myself a student of all things spiritual and have been introduced to so many wonderful new ideas and practices on the podcast and now through the fellowship of the Tribe. Thank you AJ for giving me this extraordinary gift of spiritual growth. Love & Light."

Nancy Rae

Become a Founding Member of Action Tribe - Energy Circle for just $ 19.99!

Here's what you'll get when you join us today
  • Weekly Live Healing Breathwork sessions with people around the globe..
  • New deep dive masterclass video trainings every month with a transformational mentor
  • Explore a new theme of energy mastery every month and learn the skills, techniques and methods to shift your energy
  • Awaken your inner healer, tap into your sacred intuition and attract more abundance into your life with guidance from our featured teachers
  • Access 'Action Assignment' PDFs that will help you embody and apply what you've learned in class 
  • Connect with our mentors live during our monthly live Q&A streams and ask them anything! 
  • Enjoy exclusive *private podcast feed* featuring interviews and content available only for ATribe Energy Circle members! 
  • Receive the support, feedback and encouragement of your fellow members inside our Facebook support group
  • Receive exclusive promos for brands and products that you love (coming soon!)
  • And more...

$ 19.99 per mo
Billed monthly, no setup fee (Cancel anytime)
  • Weekly Live Healing Breathwork sessions with AJ
  • Monthly deep dive masterclass trainings
  • Weekly 'Action Assignments'
  • Monthly live Q&A with featured teacher
  • Exclusive Podcast Content Upgrades via Private feed 
  • Access to private student support Facebook group
  • Discounts and Promos for Products You Love (Coming soon!)
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this mentorship program for beginners too? 
Put simply - the training that our teachers are going share will benefit both beginners and intermediate seekers alike. 

The teachers that I’ve invited to be part of the Action Tribe - Energy Circle mentorship aren’t just knowledgeable, but are skilled teachers too.
And a quality of a great teacher is that he or she is able to keep in mind people who are new to the topic…
So yes…

The training will be practical, actionable and a whole lot of fun! 

And in addition to this training, you’re going to receive simple weekly assignments that will help you embody what you’ve learned during the masterclass.

And on top of that, if you do have any more questions, I highly encourage you to attend our live Q & A sessions during which you’ll be able to interact with the teachers, ask your questions, receive feedback and get the clarity that you need on your spiritual journey.
In other words, we’ve got you covered! 

I'm not sure if I will be disciplined enough to fully participate in this experience. Will this work for me?
That's a great question. Two of the biggest reasons why people don't follow through are (1) Accountability and (2) Community. 

Firstly,  you're not on this journey all by yourself. We're all progressing through these masterclass trainings together. This alone will give you the energy and enthusiasm to progress along. 

Secondly,  the monthly Q&A sessions are going to help a lot. 

After watching the masterclass, make sure you attend these sessions so that you can ask your burning questions and deepen your understanding, which will also keep you accountable and on-track! 
Do I get access to all the content at once?
Yes! As soon as you enroll, you get access to the current and all previous masterclass trainings. 

Bear in mind that we're still in our launch phase, which means that we're still building our library of masterclass trainings, but the benefit of being a Founder is that you get to enroll at our lowest prices ever (and maintain your special rates for as long as this program is running!). 
What if I experience technical issues or if I'm not able to access my membership? 

If you experience technical issues or are unable to access your membership - worry not! 

As a member, you receive 24x7 email support, rest assured that someone will get back to you within 48 hours with a resolution.  In addition, you can also post your question in our Facebook support group. Chances are, someone else has experienced the same issue that you're facing right now and might be able to provide you an answer! 
Do you have a refund policy?
If you choose our annual plan, then you get 15 days to see if Action Tribe - Energy Circle is for you. If you cancel after the 15 day refund window, then you’ll still keep access to your subscription for the remaining year, but won't be charged for the next annual billing. 

If you choose our monthly billing, then you get 15 days to see if our Energy Circle experience is for you or not. Let us know within the refund window and we will gladly return your investment! 
Become a Founding Member of Action Tribe - Energy Circle today (Limited time)

15 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $19.99/mo you're getting access to the Action Tribe - Energy Circle, a mentorship platform to learn powerful techniques and methods to master your energy and experience more healing, awakening and abundance in your life.
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