My Seven Chakras With AJ

My Seven Chakras is a podcast that provides ancient wisdom for the modern mind.

Through long form interviews, solo episodes and breathwork meditations, Aditya (AJ) helps his viewers discover how to calm their mind, relax their nervous system and experience deep states of bliss.

Some of the topics we regularly explore include Breathwork, The Chakras, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Qigong and Spirituality.

Try out an episode. I'm confident that you'll fall in love with our easy going, relaxed approach to personal transformation :)

Recent Episodes

Ayahuasca, Tobacco and the Hidden Truth About Plant Medicine with Jeremy Narby

Sept. 27, 2021

"There is no good or evil, what there is, is prey and predator, that illness is our invisible entity that can come and kill us. We as hunters can go and kill animals, some animals can come and kill us. As long as we’re alive…

Yogic Cleansing, Detoxing, Purifying And Balancing With Swami Saradananda

Sept. 20, 2021

“Be a yoga teacher, not a preacher. I think Yoga is really something that you should live and teach from your own experience. I always look at my body, my mind just like a laboratory where I'm testing all the things I’ve hea…

How To Balance Masculine & Feminine Energies Using Breathwork

Sept. 17, 2021

Do you sometime feel like you’re energy is all over the place? Do you want to learn how to balance your energies so that you feel more calm and centered? Do you want a way to balance your masculine and feminine energies so t…

Tao Calligraphy, Healing Hands and the Radiance of Qigong Breathwork with Master Sha

Sept. 13, 2021

“ I have a thousand people in more than 40 countries. People lie down in bed with all kinds of chronic pain, life-threatening conditions. They can feel the healing. Everybody knows the energy field, the magnetic field. For e…

Tantric Dating, The Osho Ashram In India, And The Importance Of Self Love With Catherine Auman

Sept. 6, 2021

“You are perfect. The world is perfect. This moment is perfect. Your beloved is perfect. It's very hard for us to see this because our mind is always telling us it's not perfect. So, I don't want to date this person cause th…

The Importance Of Vedanta With Breathwork Featuring Aditya Jaykumar

Sept. 4, 2021

Have you heard about Vedanta?... While many people love to "Get high on their own supply" with Breathwork, without the knowledge and understanding of the "true nature of self" through the philosophy of Vedanta, you might get…